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What are Career Pathways?

A career pathway is a series of connected education and training programs and student support services that enable individuals to secure a job or advance in a demand industry or occupation. Career Pathways focus on easing and facilitating student transition from high school to community college; from pre-college courses to credit postsecondary programs; and from community college to university or employment.

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Informative Handouts

Oregon’s Career Pathways Statewide Initiative was launched recognizing that a wide range of workers enter the workforce in different ways and with different needs, and that Oregon needs more trained workers for middle-skill occupations - jobs that require more than a high school degree but less than a four-year degree.

Download these handouts for more information:

About the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool Development Project

The Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (OCCWD), working in partnership with Oregon's 17 community colleges through the Oregon Pathways Alliance, developed the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool to provide visual maps using web technology for students and citizens to learn more about education, training, occupations, careers, and the labor market in Oregon.

The Oregon Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool project began in 2007, with feedback by Community College staff during beta and pilot testing sessions driving the design of the project. Through additional pilot testing the POST (Plan of Study Template) Drawings/View features were released in April 2009, with continued development and improvements since then.

In June of 2010 the State of Oregon released this as an open-source project.

This site is for development purposes only.

All published end-products (Roadmaps and POST Drawings) produced by this project are made accessible through public websites such as:

We welcome others state agencies, educational institutions, and organizations to download the source code to develop a comparable Web Tool for the students and citizens in their state or region. The Web Tool was developed with funds from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (US DOL ETA) and the Oregon Community College Strategic Reserve Fund.

Oregon Career Pathway Statewide Initiative

For more information about the Oregon Career Pathway Initiative go to:

Who else is implementing the Web Tool?

The Florida TRADE Consortium adopted this project in 2015 with funding through a Department of Labor TAACCCT grant in an effort to advance Career Pathways in their region. The Florida TRADE Consortium is a group of 12 state and community colleges located throughout the state of Florida, whose mission is to develop and deliver accelerated training programs to Career Pathways program participants.

The State of Washington adopted this project immediately after it became open-source in June of 2010. Pierce College in Lakewood, WA has been leading the project prototype developments and trainings for the State. They worked with Sivecki & Associates, LLC to install, host and customize the Web Tool, including adding Program of Study signed agreements documentation and reporting.

The Workforce Investment Board and the Economic Development Division for the County of Humboldt, California adopted this project in April of 2012. It is their desire to make this project their regional roadmapping tool for the occupations and training programs in their region. They work with a local hosting agency and Sivecki & Associates, LLC for installation and customization of the Web Tool.