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Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool

What Are Roadmap Drawings? Career Pathways Roadmaps are visual tools (or drawings) providing high school and community college students and advisors/counselors to learn about options and opportunities to navigate their own education and career plans and choices. Each Roadmap includes common elements and follows informational and design standards so that all Roadmaps have a similar look across the state.

To access Oregon's 17 Community College Career Pathways websites, visit our Career Pathways landing page at:


What Are POST Drawings? POST stands for Plan of Study Templates. POST Drawings is the newest feature of the Web Tool, released April 2009, developed to map high school and community college plans of study together. POST Views are the presentation of affiliated High School Plan of Study and Community College Pathway drawings.

To access all of Oregon's published High School to Community College Programs of Study, navigate and explore these programs at:

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