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This document describes the elements that all roadmap drawings should have in common. This set of elements is the standard, developed for State of Oregon Program Approval for community colleges and for “end users”: students, advisor/counselors, etc.


Common Elements

  1. Occupation
  2. Competencies/skills/learning outcomes
  3. College courses associated with certificate, credential, degree
  4. Wages
  5. Labor market data/demand forecast
  6. Industry-recognized standard or credential (if it exists)
  7. Participating Employers

NOTE: Element #4, wages, and #5, labor market data, can be combined through linking to employment opportunities with OLMIS' Occupational Information Center (preferred) or O*Net Online. Element #7, "Participating Employers", is to be included for Program Approval with the State of Oregon, and is optional for roadmaps designed for end-users.

Layout Standards for Related Bachelor and Articulated Degrees

As part of Oregon's Student Success Plan, the Student Success Oversight Committee has requested that the Oregon Pathways Alliance include specific information on all Roadmaps about Articulation Agreements with 4-year universities.

As you develop your Roadmaps the following box elements need incorporated into ALL published (and publicly accessible Roadmaps) produced by your college:


Use "Related Bachelor Degree Options" as the title for your general University transfers box, and position it first underneath AAS degree boxes. This will refer to non-articulated or general transfer options, and will use the following language (degree titles and institutions listed as examples only):

The following programs provide opportunities for educational advancement. Some credits may transfer.
Specific transfers:
* Bachelor of Science (or B.S.) in Manufacturing Engineering Technology: Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT)
General transfer information:
* provide a link to your college's University Transfer resources
* Oregon University System
* Career Options
* Map of Post Secondary Institutions in Oregon [PDF]


Use "Articulated Bachelor Degree Transfer Options" as the title for your articulated University transfers box, and position it to the right of (or under) your general transfers box. This will refer to articulated transfers only, and will use the following language:

Articulation agreements between college name and the following institution(s) are currently available:
* Bachelor of Arts (or B.A.) in Accounting: Ashford University (AU)
If No Articulation Agreements Exists

Use this language:

There are no current articulation agreements to Bachelor degree programs at this time.


For instance, in the case of Nursing, many programs don't "articulate" but have "partnerships". Change the content language to read:

College name Nursing program is partnered in the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education with Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). By completing the associate degree, students can transition to OHSU's Nursing program and qualify for senior standing:
* Bachelor of Science in Nursing: OHSU


If Master and Doctorate degree boxes are in place, the references will only use bullets to list the degrees:

* Master in Nursing - Community Health Nursing: OHSU

Refer any questions to these design standards to